International Institute of Education, Research and Development (IIERD) is devoted to the dissemination of Scientific, Management and Technological information around the world and make all efforts towards achieving this goal. It seeks to strengthen research and advanced education in these and allied fields. IIERD encourages new ideas or new perspectives on existing research. It is a registered non-profit association for academicians and researchers in the field of Engineering, Electronic Communication, Modelling & Simulation, Manufacturing Technologies, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, History, Law, Behavioural Science, Information Science and a myriad of other fields. It is an international medium for the publication of articles of interest to researchers in education and has rapidly become a major focal point for the publication of educational research from throughout the world.Read More


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We offer an extraordinary platform for networking opportunities, discussions to enhance the progress of science, nutrition, health and technology. Our conferences provide opportunity for direct communication between the young researchers and highly affiliated personalities in all fields whether they are working in the similar field or other research activities.


Our events are about you, our clients, so we work for unqualified success and we do that quietly, professionally and impeccably. We’ve built a reputation for creating and delivering inspirational conferences and executing them flawlessly first time round. We work really hard to achieve this and our success is down to the dynamics of a team who are down-to-earth, open-minded and consider what we do to be a lifestyle more than a career.


We provide a new way to success.

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The faculty, post-docs, graduate students, undergraduates, and other researchers that comprise the engineering community at IIERD are singularly dedicated to the development of ideas, processes, materials, and devices that will improve the lives of people throughout the country. The School of Engineering's many departments, divisions, labs, and research centers collectively generate more than thousands of sponsored research every year and they define the future of science and technology.The scholars of IIERD-India are keen at their performance to rebuild a new techno world.We also support our students and scholars to complete their dream research by supporting them both technically and financially.

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